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Rev. Dr. Tim and Cecilia Obidike
Rev. Dr. Tim Obidike, an International Minister from Enugu,
Nigeria, Africa and his wife Cecilia have been guest speakers
at FAITH FREEDOM FELLOWSHIP several times for the past
13-15 years.

Dr Tim Obidike born in Umueri town in  Anambra State of
Nigeria discovered how an young unlearned man, with a
heathen background could find and become a son, friend of
Jesus Christ, the God of the Bible and the Creator of the
heavens and the earth. Now, he believes and teaches that in
discovering ourselves in God of the Bible would usher in the
light and bring forth our full potential.

Dr. Tim is the presiding bishop of  International Pentecostal
Ministries Fellowship (IPMF) – an organization with over 300
Clergymen and has literally affected thousands of ministers
worldwide.  He became a born-again Christian in 1973 and
directly entered into full time ministry in attempt of following
the leading of God in his life.  

Dr. Tim is the host of “Faith Production” Radio Broadcasts and
the Head Pastor of Faith Assembly Church, with ministerial
offices in Enugu and Abuja. For many years, he has been
making extensive visits to both England and the USA where
his teaching ministry is in great demand.  As an International
Minister, he knows how to blend his powerful faith-building
ministry humorously.

Dr. Tim: “It is wonderful to define  theology as the study of
God but study of God or having ideas about God doesn't
necessarily make one godly or God conscious but faith does;
yes, faith to some is known as a conviction or belief that
something is true or real not contingent upon reason or
justification. If the infinite God become definable or finite then
He is no God.”

Pastors Ray and Edith Baker declare: “We believe that it is
time for the lost to be saved and baptized in the Holy Ghost.  
It is time to see miracles of healing and deliverance.  It is time
to experience God’s powerful anointing in our churches.  It is
time to shake up religious traditions and be the church that
God intended us to be!  It’s time to be a real Christian!  Dr Tim
speaks on the realities of the gospel of Christ.
Rev Dr. Tim and Cecilia Obidike
Pastor of Faith Assembly Church
Presiding Bishop of International Pentecostal
Ministries Fellowship IPMF
Enugu, Nigeria/ London, England/ USA

Email: faithprod.10076@yahoo.com
Last visit to Faith Freedom Fellowship
July 2016