Special Memories with Dick and Penny Johnson

Revs. Dick and Penny Johnson were guest speakers at  

Dick and Penny have been a part of the Faith Christian
Fellowship family in Tulsa Oklahoma since 1985. Serving
as a FCF Relational Representative, Dick has been
Ordained with FCF International since 1991 and Penny
since 2006.

FCF SOZO MINISTRY was founded 1996 and in 1998 they
sold their home and bought a travel trailer to begin what
would be 13 years 8 months of living in a travel trailer to
travel the Continental United States, ministering One on
One and Pulpit Ministry.  They founded FCF SOZO with a
heart to tell others about Jesus and tell those who know
Jesus as Lord and Savior how profitable it is to our walk
with Our Lord Jesus to tell others of His Loving Kindness.

Dick & Penny’s life turned around after a tragedy when the
Body of Christ prayed for them and Believers in Christ
Jesus told them of Him and showed them His goodness in
word and in deed, indeed.

For the past five years they have been reorganizing and
traveling out of a home God blessed them with in Decatur,
Illinois. FCF SOZO MINISTRY INC. is an
interdenominational evangelistic ministry whose platform is
Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.
“The way to have fewer problems in the World we live in is
to have more people in fellowship with other believers, the
Church. The way to have more people in the Church is to
tell more people about Jesus, invite them to Church and
support the local Pastor in words and in deeds. If we want
more of the Love of God in our lives we must sow more of
the Love of God in the world.”… Dick Johnson.